Tuesday, January 20, 2009


i def had a dream last night i met him. and i couldn't stop smiling. then i made him call mirna to prove it.

Monday, January 5, 2009

count me down


unfortunately can't embed it. yeah yeah yeah's "down boy."

no fame
all there is, all there was
on the second lady
can't take a cent
take a cut
of that kind of rent
i'll stand kind of pushed
kind of bent, on this heavy land
i'll stand for the sake
of my friend, I will see him there

down, down, count me down
down, down boy

the same
not begin
not give up
in a better way
again, wash the stains
off his bed
not to split 'em up
i'll stand
for the sake
of my friend
i will see him there
well, I will see him there
down, down, count me down
down, down boy

Thursday, January 1, 2009

08 - true story

i guess i've done this once or twice, going through the past year to see what happened. i usually have to go through old journals and see what really went down. in no order of significance, in 2008, i...
-grew past being 21, literally and figuratively
-kept my hair dark, found out i could make it a little curly
-held a human brain
-made friends, kept friends, got sick of some...
-graduated from college with honors
-found a legit job in a field i enjoy, with my bff nonetheless, quit the salon
-aka made a big transition in my life
-wrote poetry even less, but wrote much more freely in my journal
-went to church less and less
-actually followed some politics, voted for the first black president, watched him win
-felt a little close to j. alfred prufrock, measuring out my life with coffee spoons
-watched the making of a sand mandala at umd
-got a new car (rip stanza), started making payments and insurance
-witnessed my dad get a new lease on life after the er found a main artery to be 95% blocked, and promptly fixed it
-heard about my aunt having a brain tumor, cancer, and complications, didn't know what to say when my cousin found me on facebook
-finished a journal
-quit smoking cigarettes
-didnt see a lot of shows but saw the cold war kids, yaay
-grew into myself even more
-read for fun
-said goodbye to my goblin kitty
-congratulated my bro on his engagement, moving out

this year im looking forward to being more comfortable with myself, getting my life together (so to speak), writing more, smiling more, being healthy and happy.